YOUNG MORI The success of women‘s intimate care gel, with unique conditioning effects, helps in gynecological special effects care, and created a new era of female uterine drainage and beauty.

This product can helps to postpone female Menopause, relieves Gynecological Diseases cause by lack of female hormones, vaginal dryness , decreased libido, irritability and other symptoms , helps to smooth the process of menopause of woman, improve hormonal secretion during menopause. Enhance sexual desire and delay aging.

Helps to solve various gynecological problems:

  • Treatment for vaginal dryness and pain.
  • Increase the moisture level and tenderness of vagina.
  • Best treatment for menstrual pain.
  • Fast anti inflammatory effects, deodorize and antipruritic, eliminate gynecological inflammation issue deeply
  • Aviod the rapid growth of Candida and various bad bacteria.
  • Regulate internal secretion system and radiate inner feminine.

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